The main business of the company is manufacturing or to be more precise production of soft drinks. The company produces juices, marmalade, jams, syrups and instant drinks. Raw materials for production are mainly of domestic origin and final products are recognizable on domestic and international market by its taste and quality. The quality of products and packing design as well as  numerous awards and acknowledgements from various food and beverage exhibitions are the warranty for meeting the demands of the most delicate customers.

The company constantly monitors the quality assurance and it  has been accredited certifacates and implements standards as ISO 2200:2005, HACCP and  BRC. BRC is an exceptionally demanding standard implemented because of developing further cooperation with customers in Great Britain.

Referring to further development of “Duga komerc” and taking over significant position in the domestic and foreign market, future plans are aimed at further continual technological advancement, improvement and expansion of new product range and quality control which will lead to preparation and introduction of new product lines thus increasing production capacity and scope of sales. The vision of the company is entering new markets. The way the company has passed from setting up the family company to nowadays has not been an  easy one but with bunch of love, enthusiasm, knowledge and persistence any goal can be achieved.