Our story began on March 15th, 1991 when the sole proprietorship business (S.Z.R.) was founded by the act of association within the family circle with only four employees. At that time only a few persons believed that this family business could exist for years in the domestic and international market. The family members gathered around the joint project had almost the same idea about the value-system and the way how to achieve the unique and competitive services and products and, above all, they had the strong belief in the project itself. Team work of the family and enthusiasm for innovations and further success resulted in production expansion in 1994 – from a small workshop they moved to a new production plant, broaden the range of products to pouch pack juices, fruit juice syrups, pure-pack juices and lump sugar packing. At the same time they were organizing the selling network, distinctive company’s automobile fleet and engaged more employees.

The year of 2002 was the turning point for further development of Duga Komerc d.o.o. In that year the company entered the international market and started export business in Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Hungary and Slovakia. The same year the company became the exclusive juice supplier for the national army until 2005. In 2006 started a new investment period which included the construction of larger and more modern production plant in Krusevac industrial area and opening of the distributive center in Belgrade covering the sales on the territory of Belgrade, Sabac, Valjevo, Smederevo and Vojvodina considerably influencing the time of delivery as well as products availability in these areas of Serbia. Moving into the new production plants meant the introduction of new range of products jams, marmelades, new pouch packing for juices specially designed for international markets. Since 2009 Duga komerc d.o.o. has been dealing with big chains of trading stores in Serbia and Croatia and in Hungrary as well. For many of them , the company makes brand names like Rial, Premia, K-plus, Favola, etc. Since 2012 the company has been exporting its products in Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). Our pouch pack juices can be found in the market of Great Britain since 2013. In 2014 the company’s distribution network has been organized through the firm Laseko d.o.o. which makes easier to meet always demanding market requirements.